Are you a tradesman (tradie), or a single operator business and have considered its not worth having a website, and perhaps not the time?

Ensure you are found by people with at least a single page website.

You are not expected to have a complex website. You simply need a site which covers what you do and how to be contacted.
A single webpage website is all you need.
You can expand and grow your website when you see results.

Clients are more likely looking for you using the Internet via a search engine (google), rather than picking up the phone book.

Put yourself in the average person's shoes and step through on what a person will do to find a person in your field of work.
Would they jump on the Internet and search for a particular item, service? Most likely yes.
A computer or smart phone is very accessible these days. A phone book or magazine may not and usually stuck under a pile of items or Monitors.

The cost of a website is far cheaper than a small add in a book.

A single webpage site could cost you equivalent to a gaining one onsite job with a client looking for you..
The site will pay for itself with your first customer.

We build websites for business operators not personally using the Internet


Web Site Design.

From - $150

What you need to supply (or at least try to supply if they exist)

  • Business Logo
  • Business Card
  • Contact Numbers
  • Any Email addresses you wish to be contacted
  • Any spiel about your business

What we will build

  • Logo centralised in the top middle of page
  • Business Title
  • Key points of your services
  • A Call to action statement with your preferred contact method

Example Site -

We will also give you a login to make changes at no cost


Domain Name

First you can start up having a website under - $10 per year

Once you are happy to move forward, Register for a domain name and we will point to that website.
Prices start from $15 per year for a domain name or $30 for - For a full list of domain prices click here

Additional Add-ons

We can value add services for you. You may not have time for reading emails as your out on the job most of the time.

  • Email to Fax Service 
  • SMS Alert when an Email which has been converted to a fax arrives
  • Online Booking system synced to your mobile, collaborating with your personal calendar to prevent bookings during personal time.

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