Get your system health check done or repairs done faster by having your computer support done remotely via a Remote Desktop Support.

No need to have someone come to your premises. You can also have a professional IT Support person assist you over the phone.

You will see exactly what is happening as well as the option to be on the phone whilst support is occurring.

Key Benefits of Remote Desktop Support

  • Instant support
  • Quick & convenient
  • Minimum disruption to your working day
  • Cost effective

No need to explain or understand your problems as our experienced technicians can see your screen, just sit back whilst they diagnose the problem.

What if I need on-site help?

Occasionally, something may need repair or replacement. We can often identify such problems remotely, but your system will need physical attention. The work may be covered by your supplier’s guarantee, but if you need professional on-site support, we can provide it through our on site support services.

How does Remote Desktop Support work?

In order for our technicians to access your computer you will need an active Internet connection as our desktop support system connects us via a dedicated gateway to the Internet.

When a support request is made a secure encrypted connection between your PC and our support system is made – don’t worry we will talk you through the process over the phone and once we have established control remotely our technicians can quickly start to diagnose the problem. Through this connection we are also able to remotely transfer files, reboot and take control of your PC to diagnose and resolve the problem. You will not need any software licences or pre-installed software to use this service.


As of 1 September 2015 - (Confirmed 30 December 2019)

Home Users

Check in, re-check in and checkout

  • 1 PC
  • $20 for first 15 minutes (single check in)
  • $20 per 15 minute increments thereafter (re-check in and finish up)

Business Users

Check in, re-check in and checkout

  • 1 PC
  • $20 for first 20 minutes (single check in)
  • $20 per 20 minute increments thereafter (re-check in and finish up)

Example of this service and time-frame

  • We login and prepare your machine to do Mal-ware checks, disk cleanup and optimisations
  • We may require to install additional FREE third party programs to do this.
  • You have the option to have these programs removed, or you can have these remain installed for you to perform clean-ups and maintenance yourself.
  • You get to watch everything that is happening.

Preparation time may take about 30 minutes

We do not need to sit logged in whilst scanning occurs. We will log off during that time and check back 30 minutes later - This saves you paying for that time of waiting

We will then check on how things are going for 15/20 minute segments.

We will provide a report at the completion of work

A Malware check, disk cleanup and performance optimisation check may take about 2 hours, however we will charge approx 30 minute and 2 15 minute segments. That's approx $40.00


Email Configuration

$20 per mailbox set-up

We remote to you, launch your email client.

Check on your current settings

Make corrections or apply new email settings.

Perform some email sending and receiving tests.

Done! - Time approx 15 minutes.

(PC or Mac Only)

To book an onsite visit please use the Booking form below (Problems? contact us on 02 5100 6444 or 02 6113 1592 AH)

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