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Dedicated Dropbox Like Cloud File Sharing with All Data Hosted In Australia

Cloud file sharing solutions are changing how people work and collaborate. Solutions like Dropbox are good for personal use but it poses several very real challenges for businesses. One example is that the data is tied to personal user accounts (not your business). Another is that with US providers, all your data is subject to US data privacy laws such as the patriot act. Our solution provides your company with a secure dedicated environment for all your cloud storage needs here in our Australian data centres.



Per User

10GB - $9.99 per month
20GB - $14.95 per month
100GB - $29.95 per month


Per Group/Team

Cloud Storage Space 1TB 3.5TB 7.5TB 15TB
Typical Number of Accounts (Not Limited) 10 35 75 150
Our Price $99 / month
($990 / Year)
$250 / month
($2,500 / Year)
$499 / month
($4,990 / Year)
$999 / month
($9,990 / Year)
~ as compared to ~
Comparing Dropbox / Box
(@ $17 per account or more)
$170 CAD $595 CAD $1,360 CAD $2,550 CAD
Monthly Savings $71 $345 $861 $1,551
( 41% ) ( 57.9% ) ( 63% ) ( 60.8% )
Annual Savings $852 $4,140 $10,332 $18,612

Other Benefits

No Vendor Lock In – Everything we deliver with this solution is industry standard, so if you wanted to, you could move your data anywhere without a lot of friction.

Advanced SSL encryption – Each client is provided with their own (not shared) Strong 2048-Bit SSL Certificate.

Data Encrypted At Rest – One of the most compelling features of of ownCloud is that when your data is in transit and stored in the cloud it’s strongly encrypted. That means if anyone ever did get at it somehow it would be useless to them.

File Recovery & Version History – Unlimited version control history is built into the OwnCloud Software. In addition, we backup your data every night for 90 days.

Truly Scaleable – Adding disk space, Ram, or even CPU takes a matter of mere seconds to procure and the rates are very reasonable.

DRP is built-in – We backup your data every night for 90 days by default. You can add weekly remote offsite data storage with a click of a button or the ability to save your data for 7+ years to meet your compliance needs if required.

Available Upgrades

Additional Cloud Storage Space (by the GB) $0.27/GB/mo
Additional Cloud Storage Space (bulk) $219/TB/mo
Weekly Offsite Data Backup $0.10/GB/mo
Daily Offsite Data Backup $0.15/GB/mo
Hourly Offsite Data Backup $0.20/GB/mo
7+ Year offsite cold data storage $0.20/GB/mo