All of your data is important, whether it's contact information, business documents, financial contracts,  databases, or archival photographs and videos, corporations and individuals demand quality assurance from their disaster recovery programs in case of negative externalities, litigations, accidents, and other such unfortunate events.

Backup is a must, obviously. The question is: what are the advantages? As part of the growing computer industry sector, data stores are critical parts of the Information Economy, and as such companies are coming to rely more on applications to help drive their business. Our software supports every platform in the market to help supply this demand, from live incremental compatibility with SQL, to Enterprise Linux Boxes and Windows Servers, our Java-powered solution will scale in all business environments.

Backup Features

  • WIndows Files
  • Network Files
  • MacOS Files
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Exchange Mailboxes
  • Microsoft SQL 
  • MySQL 
  • Linux & BSD 
  • VMware VMs 
  • Microsoft Hyper-V VMs 
  • Lotus Domino 
  • Oracle