iiNet Authorised Business Reseller

Ubertech Solutions is also an iiNet reseller. We are excited to partner with iiNet who has proven to be a progressive and innovative company. Winning lots of awards for their customer service and broadband products.

We can offer iiNet products ranging from ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+ and fixed-line phones up to corporate-grade SHDSL, Business NBN, fibre, private IP services and hosting products.

Based in Canberra, our team can come to you and assist in upgrading your Business Phone, Internet and Mobile Services.

This adds to the range of services and products Ubertech Solutions offers and allows us to recommend the very best solutions for our clients.

Too Busy to wait on the phone to get Support with your ISP?

As an iiNet's reseller we are able to call on your behalf.

This will allow you to get on with your work and Ubertech Solutions can get stuff done for you.

To grant us permission to look after you, please download the iiNet Reseller Authorisation Letter 

Terms and Conditions

  • At anytime you still the primary account holder and can contact the ISP representing yourself without the need of Ubertech Solutions to do any work.
  • If you would like Ubertech Solutions to do things on your behalf, we will be an authorised support representative.
  • The Service is FREE for general simple enquiries, however for tasks which require an amount of time to organise, 
    we charged by Ubertech Solutions a minimum of $20 per 15 minutes work. You will be advised up front if such charges will be required.
  • We also do not on charge waiting time on the phone to speak to an ISP call centre.

Internet Providers we can partner with

  • iiNet 
  • Adam Internet
  • Westnet
  • TransACT
  • Internode

Please contact or email us on how to authroise Ubertech Solutions to assist with your ISP account.